Every Service Provider at Alexander Hair Creatives works on a Level System. The level system accomplishes two main goals. The first is to provide a career path of growth and achievement for our team. The second is to provide several options for your various service needs.

Guests may choose the level that best fits their needs and their budget. The training our team receives is aggressive, consistent, innovative, and in-depth. It starts from the moment they are hired and continues through their entire career with us.

At AHC, our service providers achieve level promotions based on the demand for their time and maintaining guest service excellence.

+ denotes 'Starting At' price.

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Our stylists start with a thorough consultation, addressing your hair’s texture and density, your personal style and daily routine, and any other concerns you may have. From there, we will work together with you to create the perfect cut and style to suit your features, hair type, and lifestyle.


AHC Adult Classic Haircut | $58+

Our AHC Adult Haircut Classic is gender neutral. It includes a consultation, shampoo, haircut and blowout with brush styling only.

AHC Adult Signature Haircut | $73+

Our AHC Adult Haircut Signature is gender neutral. It includes a consultation, shampoo, haircut, brushed styling and a curled finish or flat iron smooth finish.

AHC Adult Luxury Haircut | $110+

Our AHC Adult Haircut Luxury is gender neutral and the ultimate haircut experience! Includes a consultation, shampoo, custom conditioning treatment and a curled or flat iron smoothed finish.

Children's Haircut (12 and under) | $40+

Bang/Neck Trim | $13+

Beard Trim/Shaping | $13+


Formal Styling (Upon Consultation) | $116+

Prom? Special Occasion? Let us give you the most beautiful formal style so all eyes will be on you!

AHC Classic Blowout | $42+

Our AHC Signature Blowout includes a shampoo experience and brush styling only blowout.

AHC Signature Blowout | $57+

Our AHC Signature Blowout includes a shampoo experience, a brush styled blowout finished with heat styling.

AHC Luxury Blowout | $94+

Our AHC Luxury Blowout includes a shampoo experience, a customized deep conditioning treatment, and blowout.

AHC Clarifying Luxury Blowout | $134+

Our AHC Clarifying Luxury Blowout includes a clarifying treatment that removes all build-up via sitting under heat for 45 minutes followed by a customized deep conditioning treatment and blowout.

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From subtle highlights and a full balayage to the most striking pastels and vivids, our color services are customized to each guest’s unique needs, hair type, and hair history. Each new appointment will require a consultation.

You may be wondering.. "what is balayage?" or "what is the difference between balayage and highlights achieved by foil?" We take the guess work out of that in our consultations by reviewing the look you desire and explaining which technique will achieve which look. Perhaps even a combination of both will be necessary which is why we call our highlighting work "custom" as it is custom to you.

Another detail to keep in mind with highlighting is the possible need for what we call "session work" which means that it may take more than one visit and application of highlights to achieve the look you desire. All of which can be discussed in your consultation with your stylist.


Full All-Over Color/Glaze | $126+

Full all-over color/glaze is an application of custom formulated color for root/mid lengths/ends to ensure even and beautiful color root to end.

Color Retouch | $77+

Application of previously formulated color to touch up regrowth. Does not include Color Step 2 or Haircut which MUST be booked with it.

Custom Face Frame Highlights or Lowlights | $131+

Custom face frame highlights are applied around hairline/bang area pieces only. Ideal for someone who wears their hair up mostly.

Custom Partial Highlights or Lowlights | $164+

Custom partial highlights or lowlights is strategic placement of highlights or lowlights from front and sides of the head to just under the crown.

Custom Full Highlight or Lowlights | $184+

Custom full highlight or lowlights is a full head application including the back of the head and nape areas.

Color Glaze with Highlights | $49+

The application of a glaze in salon after the highlights to reach desired tone, add shine, and complete service.

Shadow Root with Highlight Service | $49+

Bonder Upgrade for Highlights | $39

Full Head Lightener | $184+

Root to end full lightener application to prep for a fashion tone.

Lightener Retouch | $134+

This service is for you if you already have had your hair fully lightened by lightener and are just touching up less than 6 week regrowth.

High-Lift Retouch $106+

Color Correction | $112+ per hour

Booked based on prior consultation and priced hourly.

Express Keratin with Color or Cut | $99

Add a Keratin Express to your color and/or haircut for only $99. A special price as opposed to being booked as a stand alone service.

Eyebrow Tint | $25

Color on brows to lighten/darken/cover grey in the brows.

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Transform your hair's texture and wellness. We offer multiple maintenance and smoothing treatments for those looking for silky texture, added manageability, or better hair and scalp health.


Keratin Complex Smoothing Treatment | $365+

Full Keratin Complex smoothing treatment lasting 3+ months depending on washing and styling frequencies.

Keratin Express | $165

Keratin Complex Express treatment lasting 4-6 weeks depending on washing and styling frequencies.


Deep Clarifying Pre Color or Keratin Treatment | $75

Clarifying treatment prior to a color service or full keratin treatment removing all build up allowing for best color and/or keratin results.

Clarifying Treatment | $40

Clarifying Treatment/Crystal gel treatment to add to an adult haircut service.

Malibu Scalp Therapy Treatment | $19

Malibu Scalp Therapy Treatment helps to nourish and address scalp challenges.

Malibu Demineralization/Hard Water Wellness Treatment | $19

Malibu Demineralization/Hard Water Wellness Treatment instantly removes topic traces of minerals due to well water deposits.

Malibu Swimmer's Wellness Remedy Treatment | $19

Malibu Swimmer's Wellness Remedy Treatment instantly removes surface traces of chlorine and city water chemicals that are deposited onto the hair.

Malibu Blondes Wellness Remedy | $19

Malibu Blondes Wellness Remedy helps to brighten blondes from the dulling that can happen in between visits to the salon.

Malibu CPR (Color Pigment Remover) | $75

Malibu CPR (Color Pigment Remover) does just that.. starts the color removal process safely and chemical free to prep for color service.

Loreal Professionnel Customized Conditioning Treatment/Mask | $37

Our Customized Conditioning Treatments are chosen for your hair's specific need that day and are long lasting for several shampoos.