Kaylie Goudreault

Level 1 Stylist

Tell us about your career journey:

I began my journey last year after working several years in the medical field. I attended Paul Mitchell The School In Portsmouth from March 2022 until February 2023. After graduation, I started working for a salon until October 2023 when I decided to make a change. Now I have found my perfect home at Alexander Hair Creatives.

What is your favorite service to provide/look to create?

Blonding is my favorite. It gives me the capability to customize exactly what my guest desires. I love that I have a range of different techniques to choose from! Hair cutting is also another favorite of mine!

Why do you love to work at Alexander Hair Creatives?

I love working at Alexander Hair Creatives because there are endless opportunities and the support system is incredible. We have an amazing team that brings so much positivity to the salon environment.

What do you love to do in your free time?

I love going on long drives, especially in the summer time. You’ll catch me with my windows down singing to a wide variety of different types of music. I love spending time with my boyfriend and our cat named Mr. Biscuit. I have a strong love for a pink starburst rush from Aroma Joes. I also have an addiction to moving my furniture around at least once a month.